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Bad Ideas Collective is a new, ongoing online project. The platform gives exposure to art works that haven't been realised due to creative doubt or other personal misgivings, introducing audiences to the internal discourse and decision-making involved in the creative process.

Artists produce short videos that reflect on projects which they held back from developing for reasons other than purely practical obstacles - for example either because of perceived inadequacies in the concept, or due to speculation over audience responses. 

The videos are presented without direct authorial attribution, as a means of shifting audience engagement away from questions of production and ownership. The emphasis is on the candid disclosure of the play and processing of ideas - how they are evaluated and either used or abandoned in the creative process.


Within this quasi-confessional framework a kind of collective formal freedom might emerge: a speculative post art-world space where the ghosts of discarded possibilities drift and intermingle, cut loose from the moorings of authorship and value.


Kristaps Ancāns, Jolanta Basova, Rolina E Blok, Ian Bourn, Koenraad Claes, Michelle Deignan, Mark Dunhill & Tamiko O'Brien, Esi Eshun, Andy Field, Marc Hulson, Nicola Lorini, Paepens & Persyn Advisory Committee, Angela Elizabeth Ramírez Fellowes, Catriona Robertson, Alex Schady, Mia Taylor, 2060BC

In partnership with Five Years

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